It is truly said that the status and the position of a man or a woman is judged by his or hers get up. This is the reason why most of the rich people like to have heavy dressing on their body, because this determines their status.

And one of the major components of a proper dress up is the jewellery we endorse. Gold and diamond ornaments are the main parts of the jewels which we wear. In older times, we used to buy gold or silver from shops, and used to believe whatever reading of purity the shopkeeper told us. But gone are the days when we used to go to jewellery shops and blindly believe the shopkeepers. Now-a-days we weigh the gold ourselves at home and then make jewellery out of it. And hence the weighing scales come to use.

The jewellery weighing scales are different from regular weighing scales as these tell about the purity of the respective metal. And these scales are mostly useful for those people who have plans to have their own jewelry shops.

Out of hundreds of choices available, here are four weighing scales which you can buy for your home –

1. High Precision Digital Analytical Electronic Balance Jewelry Scale


High Precision is a well known brand when it comes to manufacturing weighing scales, and the Digital Balance is one of its best productions. It is mainly designed for industrial uses, but can be used for domestic measurement purposes as well.

This scale can measure any amount of jewellery or metal by using its features like percentage measurement and parts counting. This is an intelligent scale comprising of single microchip computer and also has high stability sensors.

These features make it suitable for detecting the minor issues like linearity, purity, concentration etc. related to ornaments. It rests on four feet made of rubber and these are adjustable. The various weighing features of this scale include basics like weight measurement and a proper display and some remarkable pros like self correction and automatic memory.


  • Weight – 2.11 kgs
  • Powered by batteries
  • Accuracy – 0.01g
  • Pan size – 0mm
  • Counting, self memory and auto correction features
  • Large LED display for flawless visibility
  • Available units – carat, Grams, Pound, Ounce

2. Smart Weigh Gem High Precision Digital Milligram Scale


The Smart Weigh is regarded as one of the best weighing machines when it comes to precise measurement of metals, gemstones and other valuable items. It is mainly professional but can be used domestically as well. The accuracy provided is around 0.001 grams and the capacity is as high as 20 grams.

This scale is designed to be highly precise and compact as well as portable as it very lightweight. It is very small sized but can perform some seriously accurate measurements. There is a small back lit LCD display with a protective cover that can be flipped where you can see all the measurements.

The best part is that it is available in six different measurements – Oz, Gn, Ozt, G, Dwt and Ct – according to the various needs of people. In short, it is a very compact and small weighing scale that has potential to do accurate calculations.


  • Weight – 118 grams
  • Dimensions – 8 X 9.4 X 3.3 centimeters, really small and compact
  • Powered by two AAA batteries, which come along with the machine
  • Accuracy – 0.001 gms
  • Pan size – 0mm
  • Small LCD display protected by flip cover
  • Available units – Carat, Pounds, Grams, Ounce

3. Baijnath Premnath Digital Jewellery Weighing Scale


This scale is produced extensively by an Indian company Baijnath Premnath and is a highly précised weighing scale which can be used for large measurements like grams of valuable metals and even small uncut gemstones.

This is somewhat expensive weighing scale which can be used for measuring chemicals and medicines too! Though it is expensive, it is highly durable, accurate and can run for a longer period of time. As it is an Indian product, you will get six months of hardware and three months of software warranty as well.

It is a highly advanced digital weighing scale with a bright LED screen for displaying the measurements and has a weight range of about 500 grams. It is smart, slim, user friendly, durable, consumes less power and is highly precise. Need anything more?


  • Weight – 4.25 kgs
  • Powered by AA batteries that can run for four hundred hours straight
  • Accuracy – 10 milligrams
  • Large digital LED display
  • Available units – Carat, Pounds, Grams, Ounce

4. Digital Jewellery Weighing Scale in Multicolor


Want a precise weighing scale in the size of your smart phone? ZZ Zonex presents to you a very compact and portable but accurate weighing scale. This scale is designed by using durable materials and also tested by various skilled professional before being released for public use.

ZZ Zonex is a company which focuses on the accuracy and precision of its scales, and this scale had to pass through several examinations and tests to be proved releasable. It is small, but specializes in measurement of valuable metals and ornaments like gold, platinum, silver and gemstones. It is helpful in measurement of weight in Oz, g, g, Tl, Gn and Ct and also has the capability to covert between these units automatically and instantly when needed.

It is designed as a phone inside a flip cover; you need to flip open the lid and use the smooth stainless weighing surface. This scale has received appreciation from jewelers all around the world for its compact and durable nature along with the accuracy and precision. It is specially used for measuring ornaments like gemstone rings and necklaces, gold necklaces and bracelets, chains and many other small ornaments.


  • Weight – 108 gms
  • Powered by two AAA batteries
  • Accuracy – 0.001 gms
  • Has backlit LCD display convenient to read
  • Capacity – 200 gms
  • Available units – Carat, Pounds, Grams, Ounce
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We all have been in that spot where we just want to have a great time and we go to a mall and do some shopping. When we go there in our car there are always so many people already parked in. Parking in that spot can be pretty dangerous and tiring at least for me. I myself was never good at parallel parking and especially when there’s a tight spot. Well, I’m sure there are many people that do that are not good at it too. While we go and park we always need someone telling us and guiding to park our car in that spot. I don’t know if it’s just me or we all don’t really use that back mirror really much.

Now, people did come with an idea of placing a camera behind the car so you can see where you are headed. While it was still better than side mirror but let’s be honest even with that we did sometimes bump into some cars. That was parked from the sides because no matter if we can see the back we get so focused that we totally forget the side. Well, that is why the 360-degree camera has been made for so this problem never comes back to us.

What isn’t a 360-degree camera?

Well, it’s simply is what it sound it is the 360-degree camera is your best CAD parking camera. It provides you 4 cameras for all directions that is your front, back, left, and right side. It generates a drone bird’s eye image too on your screen and lets you see it from the top too amazing right? Believe me, it is.

Element of 360-degree camera parking system?

You heard that saying that goes like when you combine to great power it creates an ultimate power. It’s like Goku and Vegeta going into fusion mode, just like that in this the hardware and software combine to make a great display information of all the surroundings and things that have been going on live in real-time.


Like I said it has your 4 display cameras, that you are going to find in your front panel, back of the car, your both side mirror. They always place so they can cover your whole car without interrupting anything. They make sure you get everything inside the screen about all that’s been going on outside the car at that time. So yeah no more having a person for you standing behind your car seeing all the side if your car is safe. No need to tell your friends every time you stop to get off and see if your car has space or not. You will park great and perfect with this 4-way camera features as even your friend can’t look at 4 directions at the same time.


The proximity sensors often used nowadays as they provide you the safety and security of not bumping into anything that can harm you and your car. They send electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves to detect any obstacle or particular motion that can be in the range of short-distance like 2 meter or 3 meter when you are trying to park. These are usually at the back and front to ensure safety, but big and expensive cars used some in fenders too. Just to have some extra safety and security for your own car. It comes really handy especially to check whether your auto garage door opener is opened else you will smash your car against the door.

So now no more having that accident and saying sorry I didn’t see that or I couldn’t see it, it was way too down and not visible through my car back mirror. Get safe from all that and enjoy it as it will beep so hard when something comes under a meter range. That you probably will feel your ears hurting, no I’m just kidding jokes apart yes you will be aware as soon as something comes in contact.

Imaging software

Remember at the start I said it give you a drone shot the birds-eye view. Well, that happens because of this amazing software. So basically what your imaging software do it’s got the image from all the cameras and join them together. Once it’s done, it shows you a combine virtual image from the top of the drone angle to let you have a full camera image. This is the most awesome feature I will say that will make your car probably more cool than it or right now. It can be just like the Hollywood movies scenes that a drone is above your car while you are driving and you get a great full shot of it.…

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We live in a world full of technologies and robots in some kind of device. Step by step we are taking science and technology to another level and reach its highest limits. Which can be harmful, and for sure it will depend on how you take it, the speed at which we are progressing in our technologies can be really fearsome.

Well, the thing that we are going to talk about is Neuralink, but believe me, we should at least know the basics first. So like I said technology is evolving way too fast, and in a few years maybe like 2 decades or 3 we are going to be in a world full of machines. That was created by us to a point where it gets out of our hands to control them. They will get smarter than us and that is when we are going to lose our control. Yep, if you are imagining all those movies of Hollywood where robots take over the world, then you are going in the right way.

That is what will happen to humans according to many huge realistic and technologist people that work there and surrounded by it. We have created a world that is full of technology that we know going to harm us but still, we can’t stop it or we don’t want to stop it. The reason is simple: we enjoy the benefits of all those gadgets all those technologies, so we ignore simple facts.

So Neuralink creator Elon Musk also knew that and he is one of the people who really is trying to do what he can. That is why Neuralink is being created well he was doing this behind the scenes in private. Before a few months earlier he decided to announce the project.

In that, he explained what I told you before about machines taking over your the world and the fear and the danger that we are going to get in. So what he created is a technology or you can say a device that lets you control machines and technologies through your mind. Quite unbelievably right? Well, what do you expect from a guy who thinks about building a living atmosphere on Mars?

What is Neuralink?

Well, it’s a process where you can get connected with your computer and can control it. You will have full access to the full power to do that with just your thoughts.

How does it work?

I’m gonna explain in an easy explanation, So basically what Neuralink going to do is that it will make you a living cyborg. Well, not an actual cyborg but close to it, just as you have seen in terminator movie of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. In which the other cyborg the girls’ cyborg can control computers, machines and all with its brain right? That she can do with the help of all the electrodes and small machines inside of her. Which let her take control over any of the machine she wanted.

That is what Elon Musk is trying to do, so basically there is a way where you can put those inside your brain. While there have been many ways that could do it, like directly putting it that is the most crucial and dangerous yet expensive thing. Also, it can’t be done over and over again it’s too risky too, so doing that is not good. Then Neuralink after a while came with the thought of placing a chip in your neck that will send those electrodes through your artery and then it will get in blood and go into your brain. Making your brain output more good and giving you some amazing capabilities.

Why do we need to do that?

Well, like I said the danger about robots, another thing is that humans are great at taking input but when it gets to the term of giving output not so good. We know that we give a fast reaction to see everything your input that we store what we see is good. But we also know that what we see we can’t really react to that in a short period of time.

Neuralink will also help people that are going through diseases like brain disorder or paralysis, etc to get over with.

Is it a good choice?

Well, that is really up to you, I personally think I would be with Elon Musk the danger is for sure is something that is coming for us. Humans are never and I mean never going to stop with inventing new technologies and evolving those as much as they can. While some people do say that it can be harmful as even humans can be controlled by that chip. Like a reverse tit for tat, if we can control machines then there could be a way by which machines can control us too. So I’d quite debatable and it’s up to you to decide whether you support or not. But know this with support or without support this is going to get in the market in 4 or 5 years.…

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I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about google Google Glasses they made a huge impact when the announcement and prototype came out. So the thing about google class is that it’s an idea to make your everyday life easier. Making your extra accessories get lost and giving it inside a small computer that will be inside your glasses. The Google Glasses provides you with a great view and while people just seeing the prototype and trying to enjoy that on videos. We did some research and got a few things that will make you buy that as soon as possible.

Great idea: Okay we all know that Google is by far one of the most awesome and advanced companies. Google has not let anyone down when thinking about it, it gives you a great Mini computer on your head. Your stylish frame that is super lightweight will be hard and solid and very durable. The eye frame consists of a Minicomputer, that gives you a camera, voice command, microphone, Wi-Fi, GPS, a touchpad. While, there’s been this thing on web, where you have a great possibility of getting ahead tilt in it too. You will still enjoy this glass while getting this feature in your daily life.

Command: Like I said google gives you a great voice command, so just say okay google and say what you want. Call someone and talk with its built-in microphone. GPS tracks your location and gets the location where you want to go no matter where you are. Click and record a video in just a second without getting any difficulty. So whatever you get in a mobile phone voice command, you get more in these Google Glasses.

Live life: I’m not kidding this is my favorite feature and this is why I got interested in these glasses. The best thing is with one command you can capture any moment. Click a pic or make a video, do what you want, just imagine how easy now video blogging has got now with these glasses to give you the view of what you see. The view with this is super great and comes with super quality, this is what every person who loves making vlogs or videos should be having.

Contact when you want: The greatest thing about this that every business person is going to love. That it can be connected with your device and then let you use it to send a message and also will work as your webcam. You can be talking with your business people while wearing these glasses without taking your phone out. Send text, attached photos and so more with its voice control command. The best probably the only best feature for any business person, so getting these gets better.

Never worry about getting lost: When you use these glasses you can use Google Maps. To track your own current location and set it to the place where you want to go and make your GPS let you get there. Also, it won’t interfere with your driving so great option for bikers too. Cars have always been ahead in GPS while bikers don’t read have that advantage but now you can use this.

Live while you traveling: You knew that Google Translate is the most used translated and probably the best right? Well, Google Glasses also not behind in that part and gives you that too. Translate anything on the spot so when you are traveling to different places you can easily translate anything on the spot. Know what you want to know and explore more like can tell google show me the best places to go in New York. The Google Glasses will shows you all in just a second on your command.

Get any information: With Google Glasses get any information you want in just a second. Whether it’s your flight details, your feed you can check easily just like your phone but with Glasses.

Compatible with every device: When talk about being compatible we all know that Google is mostly with android. But don’t worry apple users you are going to enjoy these amazing glasses too Google has not forgotten about you.

Color choice: The first thing I said when starting the article was that its a great style. Google have provided you with 5 color option that will just make your day bright and make you look lovely and stunning. Sky color, tangerine color, charcoal color, cotton color, and shale color.…

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