We live in a world full of technologies and robots in some kind of device. Step by step we are taking science and technology to another level and reach its highest limits. Which can be harmful, and for sure it will depend on how you take it, the speed at which we are progressing in our technologies can be really fearsome.

Well, the thing that we are going to talk about is Neuralink, but believe me, we should at least know the basics first. So like I said technology is evolving way too fast, and in a few years maybe like 2 decades or 3 we are going to be in a world full of machines. That was created by us to a point where it gets out of our hands to control them. They will get smarter than us and that is when we are going to lose our control. Yep, if you are imagining all those movies of Hollywood where robots take over the world, then you are going in the right way.

That is what will happen to humans according to many huge realistic and technologist people that work there and surrounded by it. We have created a world that is full of technology that we know going to harm us but still, we can’t stop it or we don’t want to stop it. The reason is simple: we enjoy the benefits of all those gadgets all those technologies, so we ignore simple facts.

So Neuralink creator Elon Musk also knew that and he is one of the people who really is trying to do what he can. That is why Neuralink is being created well he was doing this behind the scenes in private. Before a few months earlier he decided to announce the project.

In that, he explained what I told you before about machines taking over your the world and the fear and the danger that we are going to get in. So what he created is a technology or you can say a device that lets you control machines and technologies through your mind. Quite unbelievably right? Well, what do you expect from a guy who thinks about building a living atmosphere on Mars?

What is Neuralink?

Well, it’s a process where you can get connected with your computer and can control it. You will have full access to the full power to do that with just your thoughts.

How does it work?

I’m gonna explain in an easy explanation, So basically what Neuralink going to do is that it will make you a living cyborg. Well, not an actual cyborg but close to it, just as you have seen in terminator movie of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. In which the other cyborg the girls’ cyborg can control computers, machines and all with its brain right? That she can do with the help of all the electrodes and small machines inside of her. Which let her take control over any of the machine she wanted.

That is what Elon Musk is trying to do, so basically there is a way where you can put those inside your brain. While there have been many ways that could do it, like directly putting it that is the most crucial and dangerous yet expensive thing. Also, it can’t be done over and over again it’s too risky too, so doing that is not good. Then Neuralink after a while came with the thought of placing a chip in your neck that will send those electrodes through your artery and then it will get in blood and go into your brain. Making your brain output more good and giving you some amazing capabilities.

Why do we need to do that?

Well, like I said the danger about robots, another thing is that humans are great at taking input but when it gets to the term of giving output not so good. We know that we give a fast reaction to see everything your input that we store what we see is good. But we also know that what we see we can’t really react to that in a short period of time.

Neuralink will also help people that are going through diseases like brain disorder or paralysis, etc to get over with.

Is it a good choice?

Well, that is really up to you, I personally think I would be with Elon Musk the danger is for sure is something that is coming for us. Humans are never and I mean never going to stop with inventing new technologies and evolving those as much as they can. While some people do say that it can be harmful as even humans can be controlled by that chip. Like a reverse tit for tat, if we can control machines then there could be a way by which machines can control us too. So I’d quite debatable and it’s up to you to decide whether you support or not. But know this with support or without support this is going to get in the market in 4 or 5 years.…

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