Interview of the week- Delmy Rivera

8 years ago

The first time I met Delmy I remember thinking ” wow, she’s stunning and so stylish” I was 14. I’ve known Delmy for a long time now, and although we have not seen each other for a while now ( she lives in NYC) it’s awesome to see how her love of fashion has launched her to blog about it and be a favorite in the fashion blog world.  Her blog Fashion Bananas is full of daily fashion inspiration from Delmy herself.  She has such an amazing sense of style that mixes sophistication with a bit of an edge and surprise. Her makeup is always impecable, and her fun personality is evident in all that she does. She’s a pretty amazing lady. Read below to learn a bit more about Fashion Bananas

CC-Where did the idea for your blog come from?
DR-After a day of complete boredom I discovered a site called Its a site where everyone showcases their individual style. I then found that most of them had their own fashion blogs aside from Chictopia. And there you go! That led me to create my own.
CC-What is your biggest passion behind what you do?
DR-Life itself. I feel like God has given another chance to make the right choices in this second life I feel I’ve been given. I’m just look forward to what God has in store for me.
CC-Tell us a little bit about what you do?
DR-Besides my love for children, I love Fashion and anything that come with it. Which brings me to Makeup and hair. I love styling hair and bringing out everyone’s beautiful features.
CC-Who has been your biggest #1 biggest support?
DR-For many years I looked for approval from someone that didn’t appreciate me. Now I have a very special person. He is really an Angel and has been an amazing support for me.
CC-What is your favorite food?
DR-Oooh food! I can’t choose I love it all! I love Pizza, Mexican, Cuban, Peruvian, etc. I don’t discriminate.
CC-What is your favorite word?
CC-What do you love most about fashion?
DR-Fashion is so much fun. It’s not about whats hot and whats not. Its about expressing yourself.
Everyday you get to decorate your body with whatever you want. And the beauty of it? You’re the only one that has to like it. That’s why I love it!
CC-If you had all the money in the world, and could do anything, what would you do?
DR-First things first. And that is my family and those in need. Whatever I can do to help and put a smile on their faces is my priority. I would love to open up a restaurant, create a makeup line and open up shoe store, and a Children day care center. One of those three will come true!
CC-What is something about you that many don’t know?
DR-That I’m the sweetest person ever. Before becoming friends, many have told me that they found me intimidating and conceited. I’m not that way at all. I’m such a goof ball and have so much love to give. If you don’t treat me well, then you get the ugly.
CC-What is your favorite outfit you blogged about?
DR-I think it has one that I wore back in October of 2010. It was a peach blazer paired with wide leg silk chiffon floral pants. It was such an easy going ensemble.

Annette Here, Below is one of my most current favorite pictures of Delmy, and I LOVE the skirt she is wearing.
Thank you Delmy for your interview!!!


  1. Jeanette Santiago says: on October 25, 2011  6:34 pm Reply

    Hey delmy you look very pretty I am happy for all your success.god bless

  2. Delmy says: on February 10, 2011  2:53 am Reply

    Thanks girl! And we will see each other soon! xo

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