Runway Show Day!!

7 years ago

I originally wasn’t going to be in a runway show. I was only going to display my gowns at the Intercontinental. Last minute I was able to join the Wedding Trendspot Fashion Show hosted by The Wedding Guys Bruce and Matthew. They are 2 of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I am forever grateful to them for their support and encouragement. Thanks to them, I had the opportunity of being in a runway show which was huge for Chaviano Couture.

Woke up at 6 am on Sunday morning after going to bed around 1:30. Very tired, but quite excited about the day!! By 7:45 we were off to the W hotel to deliver the dresses for the show!! It was quite entertaining to see 4 people carrying 10 dress bags across the busy intersections from hotel to hotel, but alas we made it to the W.Video soon to come!

By the time I got there the models had already started hair and makeup at 6:30 am!!!! Wow that’s early. The runway was being set up, and all was coming together. Got to meet some of the other designers in the show which was fun. The show started around 12:15 and next thing I knew the models were lining up to go out…I all of a sudden got nervous. I had been preparing for the past months for this and it was now here! A bit hard to believe. I didn’t know whether to cry, laugh, jump, or throw up. So I did what I’ve always done in moments of uncertainty and that is pray. I prayed for God to bless as He always has. A few moments after that I received a message from Lara Casey on my phone. It made me smile. Lara has been a HUGE  encouragement to me in this process and getting her message right before the models went out meant the world to me.

Took some pics backstage right before the models went out. Me and Bruce! He’s one of the 2 aweosme guys who put the runway show together. Sharon is my second mom. Her daugher Marla and I roomed in college together all four years, and I lived with Sharon for 2 summers during college. She has planned huge parties and her organizational skills are incredible! She was the perfect person to be backstage with me!!

Next thing I new the runway show started and it went by soo quick!! Below are a few images before the start of the show thanks to Aevum Photography who shot for Weddings Unveiled.  The amazing Sylvia Weinstock and Randy Fenoli were in the audience which was a huge plus!! Not to mention many others who came to the runway show to support. Such as Ashley Baber, Joy Thigpen, Emily Newman ( of Once Wed), Anne Marie from Weddings Unveiled, Lara Casey, and many more. Thank you for being there!!

Below are a few images from Rima Bean Photography So grateful to them for providine me with images from the show. More pics to be posted on our facebook fan page so become a fan!!

After the show I got to do a little press time and the it was off to the intercontinental for appointments!! What a fabulous time!! By the end of the day I was pooped to say the least, but I was of course hungry so we went to an Italian Restaurant in times square.We then visited my friend Carine’s office which just happens to be right in Times Square. She works on the 25th floor of the Bain offices which just happen to be right next to where the ball drops. We were eye level with the ball. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to stand there for New Years!

1.) Ice skating at Rockefeller Center! Didn’t skate, just walked by:)

2.) After Dinner

3.) Times Square

4.) Group shot in Times Square

5.) Riding the elevator up to the 25th floor

6.) Pointing at the ball

7.) The light changes every couple of minutes:)

We got back late that night and decided the hotel bed was not comfortable. Once you get used to a tempurpedic mattress it’s hard to sleep on anything else. We had been staying with my parents across the hall, but decided to take over some blankets. pillows and such over to the room with the dresses and sleep there. So below is a picture of our room that night. I loved being surrounded by all the dresses. It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day.

Stay tuned for big post coming up on when I met Martha Stewart!!

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