The Cause



T H E  C A U S E

At Chaviano Couture we are passionate about helping others! For that reason we decided from the very beginning to make it be about more than just a wedding gown. It is about helping others and making a difference. We donate proceeds from each gown sold to a charity or cause. We would love for you to get involved as well! See below for more details.

HOW MUCH OF OUR PROCEEDS DO WE DONATE?  20% of our proceeds are donated.

WHO DO WE DONATE TO?  We currently donate to  a project in Haiti. Jared ( Annette’s husband) started a non-profit that is currently in Haiti helping orphanages and

DO WE DONATE TO OTHER CAUSES?  Absolutely! A lot of times we will donate the proceeds to the charities that mean a lot to the bride. We have donated to causes in Israel, India, Haiti, and even here in the U.S.A.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? You can donate directly by going to  Your donation will be tax deductible. Click Here to Donate

WHAT IS GROWBOX?  Growbox is a company Annette and Jared started to help make a difference. It is a small box that includes all the things you need to learn how to grow your own food. Proceeds go help the projects in Haiti as well as other projects. It is a great gift and an awesome way to help out! Order one by Clicking Here

P L E A S E  H E L P  U S  M A K E  A  D I F F E R E N C E 

F U N  F A C T: The images being held in the pictures above are actual pictures of the beautiful children in Haiti we support.