Behind the Name Chaviano


B E H I N D  T H E  N A M E

The name Chaviano Couture was inspired by my parents. The Chaviano’s Ignacio and Ana, came from Cuba back in 1980. After suffering years of hardship in a communist country including my dad being put in a concentration camp for 3 years, they came to America with a hope of a better life. They have been the most amazing parents and continue to encourage me and show God’s love to me every day. When I began my business years ago, I decided there would be no better name than to use my maiden name Chaviano for my business. I am so very happy I did, and hope to continue to make them proud every day. Love you Mom and Dad! 

F U N  F A C T: The image on the right is of Ignacio and Ana’s wedding day, while the picture on the left is of Annette’s wedding day!